Top 5 Best Travel Vloggers to Cure Your Wanderlust

Right now we can’t travel so for those of us who seek novel adventure there are other avenues. A few weeks ago I packed my bag and camped out in my back garden; despite the freezing cold morning and an early wake-up call from the birds, it definitely blew away a few of those lockdown cobwebs. It’s true that you may not have your own back garden but there are easier ways to get lost in some adventure. My favourite way is to chill out and watch a Youtube video. I’ve been doing that a little too much recently. That’s why I think I might just have found the best travel vloggers who should join your subscription box…

Eamon & Bec

For the past year or so I’ve been dipping my toe into the waters of vanlife vlogs. Living in a van full-time or part-time intrigues me so I’ve slowly been learning more and more about this lifestyle. At the beginning of lockdown I checked out one of the newer vanlife build vlogs from Eamon & Bec and I’ve been hooked on their content ever since.

This Canadian couple has been making videos for a couple of years now alongside growing their tea business, Chaiwala. They’re filmmaking and storytelling has grown over this time and the video above genuinely blew me away; incredible scenery, a captivating journey and some neat camera tricks and drone shots. These travel vloggers truly take the viewer on their journey during both the good times and the bad. You’ll be wanting to live the van life once you start watching them. Promise.

Backpacking Bananas

I’m pretty sure that one of the first travel YouTubers I watched was Backpacking Bananas. I definitely remember finding one of her videos about Utila just after I visited in 2016. Ever since then I’ve stuck around and watched as her channel has grown incredibly well.

Christianne Risman is the girl behind the brand and she is an incredible presenter and face of solo female travel. Her videos are incredibly informative – so much so that I was writing notes whilst watching her Philippines vlogs so that I could be prepared for my (unfortunate Covid-cancelled) visit to the country.

If you’re looking for well-made, down to earth, classic travel vlogs then Backpacking Bananas is the channel for you!

Iz Harris

I LOVE Iz Harris. She’s amazing. She has a husband, 2 kids, she travels, she co-founded a business and she makes the most incredible, cinematic, heartfelt videos that I have ever seen. I don’t know how she packs it all in; she is an enigma.

It can be hard to pave out your own unique style in the great void of Youtube but Iz managed it, joining the platform with little watching time (but plenty of videography knowledge). She documents her travels alongside sharing her love for food and family. Iz also uses her storytelling ability to capture humanity behind taboo topics, like autism and depression. I’m sure her videos light up many other peoples lives and I’m sure I will always be a keen subscriber of her channel. She’s one of the best travel vloggers out there but still (somehow) under the radar.

Johnny Harris

You might notice that Johnny shares the same last name as Iz and that’s because they’re married. He’s the husband I mentioned in her little bio. Johnny isn’t necessarily a ‘travel’ youtube per se, but when he makes a video abroad, you know that you’re going to learn a LOT.

Watching Johnny’s videos it’s clear to see that he’s a very curious person. He asks a lot of questions and then goes in search of the answer. The best thing about that is that he then documents this in a captivating journalistic story with beautiful visuals. He’s both a master videographer and animator. And it’s clear to see when you watch his videos. It’s probably no surprise to hear that he also works for Vox, producing the series Borders. Be sure to check out all of his magical content!

Damon and Jo

And finally, we have Damon and Jo from ‘Shut Up and Go’. These two are a formidable duo who built a small travel empire with their multi-lingual approach to budget travel. They’re the reason I shut up and went to Paris way back when. The video above is actually the first I watched by the best friends/business partners.

Unfortunately, Damon and Jo are no longer making videos on their main channel (at the moment) but they are making a range of different videos on their (relatively new) personal channels. But, if you’ve never checked them out then you’ve got a treasure trove of hilarious videos waiting for you. Not only that, if you’re trying to learn a language then these guys might just have made a video in that language… or they’ll inspire you to keep learning. They’re part of the reason why I now have a 60+ day streak for Spanish on Duolingo right now! Check them out for some laughs, language lessons and lots of real talk, baby.

That’s all folks! That’s my pick of the best travel vloggers out there. 2020 may not be the time for travelling but it might just be the time for seeking inspiration for those future travels (as well as sitting back and enjoying lots of Youtube/Netflix).

If you have any top travel YouTuber recommendations then be sure to share them with me – I’m always on the look-out for more travel inspiration!

Featured Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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