My ‘Do It’ List

Ambitious Life Goals (High on my list)

  • Work a Camp America Season
  • Backpack Central America (2 months)
  • Work a ski season (Europe/Canada)

Random Easy Things

  • Go MORE blonde (I’m thinking similar blonde level to Iz Harris)
  • Get a nose piercing
  • Film more of my life (but don’t necessarily share it)
  • Get drunk more (I’m in my 20’s!)
  • Do a spa day
  • Get nice photos with friends (not selfies)
  • Take candid photos of friends with my new camera
  • Drink beer around a campfire
  • Attend a sports team session (adult)
  • Check-in weekly with my mental health (for 3 months)


  • Paint a canvas with a beach scene
  • Busk with my guitar in public
  • Write (and share) one blog post every day for a month
  • Create a photo storybook of my adventures so far (a la James Popsys book)
  • Film timelapse of me doing a pencil drawing
  • `Convert a van into a camper
  • Interior design the summerhouse


  • Stay in an AirBnB solo
  • Visit Cappadocia
  • Try vanlife
  • Go to Oktoberfest
  • Mini road trip in Iceland
  • Take photos in the European mountains


  • SUP on a lake
  • Walk Beverley 20
  • Climb Snowdon
  • Climb Scafell Pike
  • Climb Ben Nevis
  • Do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  • Run a 10k


  • TEFL
  • HtWB (Writing)
  • HtWB Stories (Writing)
  • Lionfish Spearfishing

Life ‘Checkpoints’

  • Adopt a dog
  • Live and work in London (for at least a few months)

*bold and italicized means that I’ve done the ‘thing’

To read more about why I’ve made this list, check out my blog on Medium (published in ‘Live Your Life on Purpose’).

I’m sure more will be added but here’s the list for now! Feel free to share yours 🙂

Image by Ales Krivec from Pixabay

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