Lockdown Challenges

  1. Cold shower
  2. Walk backwards around the block
  3. No added sugar for a day
  4. Learn a (new) game
  5. Play a prank on someone
  6. Random act of kindness for a family member
  7. Get rid of 5 items from your bedroom (minimalise)
  8. Learn a magic trick
  9. Re-create a childhood photo
  10. Go one day without coffee
  11. Catch the sunrise outdoors
  12. Write and post a letter to someone
  13. Recreate a vine
  14. Take a selfie with a stranger (socially distanced ofc)
  15. No makeup for a day (or if you don’t wear it usually, wear makeup every day for a week)
  16. Ask a stranger a deep question
  17. Do something positive for a stranger
  18. Leave a kind note
  19. Try a new recipe
  20. No chocolate (you choose food item) for a week
  21. Draw a self-portrait
  22. Listen to a podcast
  23. Read a book
  24. Take a photo every day for a week of something that put a smile on your face
  25. 1000 pushups in a day (100 for weaker people, like me)
  26. Run a mile with a PB (or in 7 mins)
  27. Cinnamon challenge
  28. Make something
  29. Fix something
  30. Build something
  31. Go for a walk in the dark with torches (and maybe also a friend)
  32. Delete your most used app for the day (mine is Youtube)

The challenges range in difficulty, length and type but they’re all challenges that can be completed in lockdown. If you can complete a challenge when freedom is at its most limited, then you can attempt these at any time. I hope that you can take some inspiration from this list (and maybe even make one of your own!)

Cover Photo Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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