Best Courses to Fill Your Time During Lockdown (Free and Paid)

If you’re anything like me then learning became a lot more fun when you left the academic world. Choosing a course that you want to do and studying it in your own time almost seems like fun. And it can be! I’ve built a list of some of the best courses to fill your time during the lockdown (both FREE courses and PAID ones).


You’ve probably seen a lot of adverts about this platform (especially as they sponsor several Youtubers).

Your membership starts off free for 2 months.

You have to enter your credit card details when you join but as long as you cancel a couple of days before the 2 months is up then you can avoid paying the membership fee. But if I’m honest the membership fee isn’t too steep compared with the value that you can get from this platform.

Personally, I’ve taken courses in photography, videography, marketing, keyword curating and writing… but there have always been more and more courses that I’ve been interested in trying.

If you have plenty of time on your hands and you’re eager to learn some cool new skills then I would highly recommend Skillshare!

Google’s FREE Courses (and Certification)

Currently, I am halfway through Google’s ‘Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ Course.

It’s a beginner’s course for anyone interested in marketing. The best thing about this course is that you get a certification at the end (if you pass the test). And who doesn’t love a certificate to prove that they achieved something? Personally I LOVE them.

They don’t just have free courses on digital marketing. They have courses in ‘Data and Tech’ and ‘Career Development’ in their Digital Garage. And courses range in length from 1 hour to 40 hours. I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you if you take a browse.

Bright Trip

Now Bright Trip is a pretty new company that I am very excited about.

They’ve devised a new way to inform others about travel, in the form of video travel courses. Sounds cool right?

Obviously, when I am posting this we can’t travel but you can start dreaming and planning for when travel freedom returns. Although I haven’t bought a course yet (I will be doing so once I finish my Google course), I’m pretty sure that any course you choose will not only be packed full of useful information but it will also be beautifully made (check out the amazing films by two of the cofounders, Iz Harris and Johnny Harris, if you don’t believe me).

Courses range in price but if you sign up to the newsletter then you can get a cheeky 20% discount.

As soon as I take my course I will be sure to check back and update my experience of Bright Trip… but I’m sure I will just have more amazing things to say about this company.

TEFL Courses

Now, this course could be pretty lucrative. One of the few jobs that can survive a pandemic is an online tutoring job. I can say this from first-hand experience because I know a couple of people who just stopped travelling but continued teaching English as a second language to students around the world.

Once things are back to normal a TEFL course could even take you around the world to teach in schools. I have friends who have taught at schools in China and South Korea.

Or, you could just take the course because you’re interested in what goes into teaching English as a foreign language. And you might even re-learn some of the grammar that you’ve forgotten along the way (I think that will definitely be the case for me!)

I noticed that GroupOn were offering some pretty crazy discounts on TEFL courses, but be sure to research which one you take before you choose one!

Crash Course on Youtube (FREE)

And finally, I wanted to share an amazing Youtube channel where you can learn just about any subject; it’s called Crash Course.

They have 10.6 million subscribers on Youtube (which is a LOT). They offer multi-video playlists on a diverse range of topics, including history, chemistry, business and psychology.

This channel is great for someone who loved a subject at school but hated the tests/essays/exams. I mean those things make learning less fun, right?

Thanks to Damon Dominique for sharing his experience about learning Philosophy on this channel (he’s the reason I found out about it).

That’s all I have for now, but as I take more courses I will be sure to update this list.

These are the main courses/platforms that I will be using over this time. Hopefully, you found a cool new course to keep that brain learning. Let me know if you try any of these out!

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday 🙂

Featured Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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