About Creatively Adventurous

Creatively Adventurous is a travel guide for Backpacking, Budget Trips and Gap Years.

Flicking through Instagram I bet you will see several friends (or celebrities) abroad right now… and you probably wanna jet off and escape too?

I was in the same position about 3 years ago. Since then I’ve backpacked, worked abroad and sought out the cheapest ways to travel (and I don’t plan on stopping).

If you’re looking for advice, inspiration and maybe also a little entertainment then Creatively Adventurous is for you!

On this site and my Youtube you shall find an entire guide of blogs and videos for backpacking, budget trips and gap years. After several years of getting out of my comfort zone abroad, I am keen to share what I’ve learnt as creatively as possible… but also as honestly as possible.

So what’s stopping you? Dive into a blog or video and get your travel on…

Or find out more about this website and the philosophy of Creatively Adventurous by heading over to the Welcome blog post.

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Behind the Brand

Hey, so my name’s Katie and I am running this Creatively Adventurous site. 

I’ve been very lost in life, wondering what university degree to do or what career to go into but travelling has given me a little more purpose and push than I ever thought it would.

I love to explore the world but I also love to write and shoot video… so that’s where Creatively Adventurous was born.

I am currently looking forward to future adventures, whilst also working hard on improving my writing, photography and videomaking skills. I’m keen to make high quality, informative content, so if you have any tips/advice/constructive criticism then please do drop me a message.