4 Exciting Plans for my Future in 2020/2021

Although I do feel quite lost in direction at the moment, I do have dreams and rough ideas for future plans. I’m realising that now, more than ever, I am having to call on self-discipline and self-compassion (a new, yet magnificent discovery during this lockdown) in order to keep taking steps forward. I suppose we’re all likely feeling similar in these Groundhog Days of late. It’s tough being confined to our homes on a daily basis, with little social contact.

In order to find direction, I am trying to work out what I truly want to do in my life. I’ve noticed that there are 4 major life events that I’m keen, not only to ‘check off the list’ but also, to explore. They all simultaneously excite me and scare me so I figured I would share them today (in no particular order). Maybe I’ll take a look back at this post next year to see if I managed to accomplish any of them…

Move to London

I purposely avoided the mass exodus to London straight after university; I didn’t want to get stuck in a career and skip out on travelling in my youth. Now I am actually very tempted to explore the corporate 9-5 world.

I’ll admit that I definitely have a romanticised view of the whole thing. In my dream world, I would grab a coffee on the way into the office, I would be promoted within the company and I would potentially meet the love of my life there. I definitely forget the bad sides, which would involve the commute, the procrastination, the stress, the boredom and probably many more feelings that accompany a corporate job. I haven’t had one so I wouldn’t know.

There is actually a very good reason for me to move to London: basically all my friends live there. Out of my friendship groupings (home/university/travel), a significant proportion of my friends lives in London now. I feel like it makes sense to head to my highest concentration of pals (especially after the pandemic fever ends… if it ever does).

I could also do with some independence and an understanding of both rent and paying bills. University never taught me that, I’m afraid.

It makes a lot of sense to make this move if I can find a job, so look out for that crazy jump at some point!

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Do a ski season

Fun fact: I applied for ski seasons in 2018, I scheduled 2-3 interviews and then pulled all my applications. Why? The interviews were dotted around the country during my one week at home in between my seasons working in Croatia and Malaysia. It was too much in that short space of time. I couldn’t learn 48 genera of coral, bake 6 different types of cake and spend time with friends and family in just one week. But I figured I could reconsider it another year.

Well, the time might have come. Things are pretty sketchy in the world right now and travelling between countries remains a cautious idea worldwide. By November/December no one knows what will happen but skiing in Europe isn’t a no-no just yet.

As much as I would like to move to London, I figure another 6-8 months away from the corporate world can’t hurt my chances of a getting a corporate job any more than my current state of affairs. And if travel has opened up enough to make ski seasons possible, would I prefer to be in the snowy mountains rather than cold, grey London? The answer is probably, “yes”.

So, I will be applying for a ski season this year, but I’m not yet sure if it makes it into plan A or plan B. I guess I’m not even sure if it’s realistic at this stage.

Image by 272447 from Pixabay

Buy a van (to convert into a camper)

I’m not sure how blatant my recent post about vanlife road trips was, but I seriously want a van. Like, right now, pretty please.

My current Youtube suggestions are full of van conversion tours, vanlife vloggers and van build tips. I couldn’t think of a better project for a lockdown than converting a van into your own little home for future adVANtures.

I’m not completely sold on full-time vanlife (just yet) but I am keen to have the freedom of a vehicle with a bed in the back just in case the moment takes me. I think testing out vanlife first would be beneficial, hence I’m currently not looking for anything that is in the Mercedes Sprinter proportions… no matter how tempting that would be. I am, however, keeping a cursory eye on the second-hand van market in the hopes that I will save up enough money for my first van, whenever that may be.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Move to a city in Europe

I don’t see this happening before London. And after Brexit, I’m not sure how easy this would be. But one day I’d like to live in a city in Europe.

The allure of Europe is twofold; moving there would be a challenge and it might curb my constant need to be nomadic. Maybe moving to another country would mean there’s enough novelty to keep me in one place? I guess I won’t know until I try.

I guess there’s also a slightly dreamy-romantic idea about moving to mainland Europe too. Namely, I can thank Eat, Pray, Love and Christmas at Tiffany’s for percolating this idea into my head. And now I’m thinking about it, I could buy the van first and tour Europe to decide where I would pitch up and remain for at least a few months. Maybe.

Image by RD LH from Pixabay

I did say that these little future stepping stone ideas are in no particular order, but they could fit together quite well… if I moved to London pretty soon.

In all honesty, I don’t know where I’ll end up next year and I think we’re all in the same boat. Until there is an end in sight regarding this virus, it’s pretty hard to plan for the future but we can still dream and that’s keeping me going right now!

P.s. Featured Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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